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We Secret Bureau of Investigations, as a reputed detective agency in Cochin and one of the oldest and most experienced detective agency in the country.
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The detectives in Secret Bureau of Investigation are smart and resourceful. They are well trained professionals who have years of experience and expertise in surveillance as a means of gathering intelligence and evidence discreetly.


Who We Are

We, Secret Bureau of Investigations, as a reputed detective agency in cochin possess a team of highly professional private detectives who are highly experienced to handle cases pertaining to matrimonial detective services, internal frauds, theft by employees, misappropriation of information, missing persons, electronic surveillance, phone records, computer data theft, industrial espionage, copyright, patent and trademark infringement.

we, certainly has served several clients successfully and it is the highly recommended agency in cochin for those who are looking for a reliable private detective investigation as 100% privacy is assured from our side. we assure you to provide optimum solutions to your problems.

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Why Choose Us

Secret Bureau of Investigations is one of the best and top most detective services in cochin,with the quality and professionalism which we are conducting is incomparable.

Our Mission

The mission of Secret Bureau Of Investigation is to offer first class corporate investigative and security services to the private sector in accordance with all applicable provisions of state law.

Our Vision

The Secret Bureau of Investigations aims to be a thoroughly professional investigative agency matching the best international standards with a team of versatile and experienced detectives.

Our Values

Our Values relies on developing better investigations and services, to constantly improve client satisfaction, to try to upgrade operational efficiency and the productivity of everyone in the organization

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We provide always our best industrial solution for our clients and always try to
achieve our client's trust and satisfaction.

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Our Services

Our aim is to understand the problem of their client first and then the specific requirements of the client are studied and identified in the first meeting or through E-Mail and thereafter, investigation commences in a planned and time bound manner.


In Pre matrimonial investigation we provide you with a detailed report regarding both personal and official...

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With the help of post matrimonial service,you get all the informtaion you are looking related to your spouse.

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Engaging SBI before hiring an employee gives way to a better assessment of the candidate and more peace of mind

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Post-employment services are intended to ensure that the employment outcome remains consistent with ..

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Surveillance is the covert observation of people, places and vehicles, which law enforcement agencies..

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Tracing Absconders

one of the most challenging assignments for a detective agency is to trace a person who has been missing ..

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Insurance Frauds

Insurance fraud from the issuer (seller) includes selling policies from non-existent companies, failing to ..

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Asset Verification

The verification of assets implies an inquiry into the value ownership and title existence and possession..

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